Renewable Energy News

We are expanding our research in the renewable energy field because this topic is of growing importance and interest worldwide. For this reason, we have created a new webpage called:
Additionally, we have published a new website that will cover developments and data about renewable energy news worldwide, the name of the site is

Running from Hunger

An estimated 130,000 Africans attempted the journey in 2015 alone, most are escaping the entrenched day-to-day norm of institutionalized and grinding poverty. Some call it the residual effects of a bygone colonial era, however, in our opinion, this is not true. This report highlights the situation: the african diaspora is adrift.

Urgent measures should be started as soon as possible. It is incredible that the population of such a rich continent, full of natural resources, has to flee because lack of food, work opportunities, education and health services. Look at the region´s profile.