SEO Help for Ranking New Websites

SEO Help for Ranking New Websites is a video from Google webmaster tools that contains valueble tips and advice that will clarify the does and don’t for successful websites.

Good SEO should be included into all website designs. Good content plus good search engine optimization are the key ingredients for success with your website.

Every website owner should know about the correct way to do SEO, whether you build the site  yourself or have a web designer build it for you. Therefore look at this short video, it can represent the best cost benefit return to ten minutes of your time.

The Power Behind Google

The real power behind Google is its world-wide physical network, its thousands of fiber miles, and the many thousands of servers that, in aggregate, add up to the mother of all clouds. This multibillion-dollar infrastructure allows Google to index over 20 billion web pages a day, to process more than 3 billion daily search queries, to conduct millions of ad auctions in real time, to offer free email storage to 425 million Gmail users, to zip millions of YouTube videos to users every day, and to deliver search results before the user has even finished typing the query.

The following video shows the tip of the iceberg of Google’s amazing infrastructure:

The Google Penguin

penguinEvery month or two Google updates it’s search algorithm. The latest update was on April 24, 2012  and it is called  Google Penguin. This change was designed to avoid “spamming pages” which are pages that have little content, that are built in quantity merely to pass an anchor link, pages with keyword stuffing, pages with cloaking, and other bad quality sites, the list is long.

Of course if you have well designed web site, dully updated and follow Google’s webmaster rules, you have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if you have been using “silver bullet” programs that for a fee promise riches and high rankings, you should be worried.  Being honest and legitimate has it’s rewards.