Internet usage In Malta

According to the National Statistics Office of Malta,  during 2012, an estimated 78 per cent of the households had access to a computer at home. Nearly all households who had a computer at home also had access to the Internet. Overall, the share of households with children having access to a computer and to the Internet was higher than that for households without children.

The number of Internet users who made use of e-Government services during 2012 increased by 9.5 per cent over the previous year, to 128,507. The use of e-Government was most popular among persons between 35 and 44 (66 per cent) and was closely followed by those in the 25 to 34 age bracket (64 per cent). Results also show that the use of e-Government is most common among persons holding a tertiary level of education (83 per cent). This category also registered a marked increase of 6 percentage points when compared to 2011 levels. Read more.

2 thoughts on “Internet usage In Malta

  1. Access to the internet is getting bigger and bigger. Who knows, maybe in a decade or two there will be no place, in which people don’t use computers, mobile phones and internet. For me, it means the world we know decreases so quickly, that we don’t control it anymore. Is it good or bad? Hard to say, but living in times like this can be a challenge for those, who were growing up in 60s and 70s in the 20th century.

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