Internet Users in 2020

eschmidtOnly seven years from now it will be 2020, a very intertesting year because it will be the end of the twenty-tens and the start of the twenty-twenties. The big question is how many people will be online at that time?

 Eric Schmidt has boldly predicted that everyone in the world will be online by 2020. This has already caused an uproar of neysayers. I agree with Eric Schmidt, in part. He should have added the word nearly, making the frase: nearly everyone will be online in 2020. But maybe Eric Schmidt is right because he is better informed and has reasons we ignore, to back-up his bold statement.

Internet users are growing in Africa and Latin America at a fast pace with support from the local governments. Already in Colombia Internet Penetration in the larger cities (with over 200,000 population) has reached 80%Internet World Stats data shows 34.3% penetration worldwide for mid-year 2012. For mid-year 2020, we predict Internet world penetration will be in the range of 75-85%. For the majority of developed countries, our forecast is a 90% Internet user penetration rate.