Tips for Finding Compelling Internet Statistics

Kalena Jordan has published a very interesting post on her blog (Ask Kalena) with tips for finding Internet Stats. She lists several of the best sources, which will save you time and trouble researching for this type of data.

Besides the sources mentioned by Kalena, I would add and recommend the Pew Internet & American Life Project. They do excellent research and publish great studies.

1 thought on “Tips for Finding Compelling Internet Statistics

  1. Kalena’s post was full of great sources. Kalena,

    I also wanted to introduce you to, a site I founded to help people discover the most compelling new research about technology, business, and more.

    We’ve been operating live for about a year. The site is totally free, and it’s updated daily with new reports from credible sources like Nielsen, NPD, IDC, Pew, and many more.

    What’s best is that the entire database is searchable and filterable by topic, source, region, and more.

    Hopefully you find it useful!


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